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World Handball Championships Player Info.
1. The Host Committee will designate a Referee-in-Chief who will ensure competent referees are available for all matches.

2. Special efforts should be made to ensure certified referees are available for at least the semi-finals and of course the finals in each event.

3. It is recommended that as a general rule, match losers be required to referee the next game in ‘Open Tournaments’

4. Where possible, the Host Committee should ensure a referee certification program is conducted at the start of the tournament for any interested participants.

5. Agreed International Rules for 4-Wall and 1-Wall Handball to apply in all World Handball Championship games.

Note - Substitution of players in Doubles Championships will not be allowed after the first round is played. 

Note - Goggles are Compulsory in ALL 4-Wall and 1-Wall Matches.  

Open Tournament Seeding Procedure 
1. An International Grading Committee will be formed by the WHC to agree appropriate seeding for players from each country in all grades of 1-Wall and 4-Wall. This Committee will also be tasked with ensuring that players have entered in the appropriate grades. They will advise the Hosting Committee of their deliberations. Each member of the International Committee will be required to select a small group in their Country to assist them.

2. The International Committee will also make use of the previous championship results to assist in the seeding process. The top two players in each division should be considered for seeding on the previous championship results.

3. In seeding Doubles Teams, both team members from the previous championship must be returning in order to receive consideration for seeding based on previous championship results.

4. An attempt should be made to maximise the number of international matches by ensuring that a visiting player does not meet a player from the same country.

5. The Host Seeding Committee will, from all the above considerations, prepare seeding’s in each event which will be used in preparing the draws. Their decisions shall be final in all Seeding and Grading Matters.

6. A Disciplinary Committee comprising a member of the WHC, a member of the Hosting Committee and a member of the National Governing Body (in whose jurisdiction the Games are being held) to be set up to adjudicate on all issues arising during the Championships. They will adjudicate on disputes, referee reports on players, coaches and spectators. They will have the power to remove anyone showing indiscipline (as reported by Referees or Officials in writing) from the vicinity of the Championships.

Open Draw Preparation 

1. The Host Committee assumes responsibility for preparation of the draws.

2. Every effort will be made to ensure that visiting players do not meet a player from the same country in the first round.

3. It is recommended that entries should not be accepted without the entry fee or after the deadline.

4. In scheduling matches, the Host Committee should try to ensure that Junior’s and Women’s events are fairly represented on feature courts and at the main court club.

5.It is recommended that the Men’s and Women’s Open Singles and Doubles are played on different days e.g Doubles on Wednesday and Singles on Friday to ensure better finals. 

‘A’/’B’/’C’ Open Events 

1. It is recognised that with variations among handball played in member countries, categorisation of players based on skill levels may be difficult.

2. An ‘A’ player is a player who has not won an ‘A’ World Championship and is an ‘A’ player (Intermediate) in National Championships and Tournaments. Winners of Junior (15, 17 & 19) events in previous World Championships would automatically be ‘A’ players unless they had subsequently advanced to the ‘Open Grade’.

3. A ‘B’ player is a player who has not won a ‘B’ World Championship and is a ‘B’ player (Junior) in National Championships and Tournaments.  

4. A ‘C’ Player is a player who has never won a ‘C’ World Championship and is a ‘C’ player(Junior B)  in National Championships and Tournaments.

5. A Doubles Team must register in the division of the highest calibre player.

6. The Host Committee reserves the right to upgrade the categorisation of any player in its sole discretion.

7. There is a limit of 128 players in any Championship and where numbers are higher, players should be seeded into an extra division e.g Challenger or ‘D’ Division or a preliminary play-off organised. 

Overage Events 

1. All Over Age Divisions are based on the player’s age as of December 31 of the year in which the tournament is held.

2. All Junior’s must satisfy the age requirement by the last day of the Championship.

3. Entry forms should clearly explain these rules respecting each age division.

4. All entrants in age divisions should provide their date of birth in order to ensure they are in the correct age event.

5. It is the duty of each participating country to verify that their players satisfy age requirements.

6. Both players in doubles teams must meet the age requirements and players must play in the grade of the highest ranking player.

7. Players playing in the Masters ‘B’ grades must be eligible to play in the ‘B’ or ‘C’ Open divisions and must not have won a Masters ‘B’ National or World Championship in any Masters grade. 

Consolation Events 

1. The decision to run Consolation Events and the format to be used is a decision of the host committee. Entry Forms must state the policy.

2. It is recommended that the consolation events be run by a separate committee to avoid putting extra pressure on the floor manager and the team responsible for the main event.

3. Consolation events are normally for the first round losers who must sign up separately for the event. 

Number of Events 
1. A Player may enter in a total of 4 events, 2 events in ‘4-Wall’ and 2 events in ‘1-Wall’ at the discretion of the Host Committee.

2. The Host Committee may set restrictions on events entered, which must be stated on the Entry Form. Events are defined as Singles or Doubles. 

List of Events 
The Host Committee will decide which events to run based on considerations such as the number of participants. It is recommended that the Host Committee consider combining events with low entries. Efforts should be made to run overage events in a round robin format where required. The entry form should state this fact. 

Men’s 4-Wall Events
1          Open Singles                                              
2          Open Doubles (Players must be from the same Country)    3          ‘A’ Singles  
4          ‘A’ Doubles                                                   5          ‘B’Singles                                                     6          ‘B’Doubles                                                   7          ‘C’ Singles                                                    8          ‘C’Doubles                                                   9          23 & Under Singles             
10        23 & Under Doubles
11        Senior Singles – 35 & Over
12        Senior Doubles – 35 & Over
13        Masters Singles – 40 & Over
14        Masters Doubles - 40 & Over
15        Masters ‘B’ Singles – 40 & Over
16        Masters ‘B’ Doubles – 40 & Over
17        Veteran Masters Singles – 45 & Over
18        Veteran Masters Doubles – 45 & Over
19        Veteran Masters ‘B’ Singles – 45 & Over
20        Veteran Masters ‘B’ Doubles – 45 & Over
21        Golden Masters Singles – 50 & Over
22        Golden Masters Doubles – 50 & Over
23        Golden Masters ‘B’ Singles – 50 & Over
24        Golden Masters ‘B’ Doubles – 50 & Over
25        Veteran Golden Masters Singles – 55 & Over
26        Veteran Golden Masters Doubles – 55 & Over
27   Veteran Golden Masters ‘B’ Singles – 55 & Over
28   Veteran Golden Masters ‘B’ Doubles – 55 & Over
29        Super Masters Singles – 60 & Over
30        Super Masters Doubles – 60 & Over
31        Super Masters ‘B’ Singles – 60 & Over
32        Super Masters ‘B’ Doubles – 60 & Over
33        Veteran Super Masters Singles – 65 & Over
34        Veteran Super Masters Doubles – 65 & Over
35    Veteran Super Masters ‘B’ Singles – 65 & Over
36    Veteran Super Masters ‘B’ Doubles – 65 & Over
37        Diamond Masters Singles – 70 & Over
38        Diamond Masters Doubles – 70 & Over
39    Veteran Diamond Masters Singles – 75 & Over
40    Veteran Diamond Masters Doubles – 75 & Over
69        Platinum Masters Singles – 80 & Over
70        Platinum Masters Doubles – 80 & Over

Women’s 4-Wall Events
41   Open Singles
42   Open Doubles (Players must be from the same Country)
43        ‘B’ Singles
44        ‘B’ Doubles
45        ‘C’ Singles
46        ‘C’ Doubles
47        Masters Singles – 40 & Over
48        Masters Doubles – 40 & Over 

Boy’s 4-Wall Events
49        11 & Under Singles
50        11 & Under Doubles
51        13 & Under Singles
52        13 & Under Doubles
53        15 & Under Singles
54        15 & Under Doubles
55        17 & Under Singles
56        17 & Under Doubles
57        19 & Under Singles
58        19 & Under Doubles 

Girl’s 4-Wall Events
59        11 & Under Singles
60        11 & Under Doubles
61        13 & Under Singles
62        13 & Under Doubles
63        15 & Under Singles
64        15 & Under Doubles
65        17 & Under Singles
66        17 & Under Doubles
67        19 & Under Singles
68        19 & Under Doubles 

Adult 1-Wall Big Ball Events
71   Men’s Open Singles
72  Men’s Open Doubles (Players must be from the same Country)
73        Men’s ‘A’ Singles
74        Men’s ‘A’ Doubles
75        Men’s ‘B’ Singles
76        Men’s ‘B’ Doubles
77        Men’s ‘C’ Singles
78        Men’s ‘C’ Doubles
79        Masters Singles – 40 & Over
80        Masters Doubles – 40 & Over
81        Golden Masters Singles – 50 & Over
82        Golden Masters Doubles – 50 & Over
83        Super Masters Singles – 60 & Over
84        Super Masters Doubles – 60 & Over
85        Diamond Masters Singles – 70 & Over
86        Diamond Masters Doubles – 70 & Over 
87        Women’s Open Singles
88        Women’s Open Doubles (Players must be from the same Country)
89        Women’s ‘B’ Singles
90        Women’s ‘B’ Doubles

Boy’s 1-Wall Big Ball Events
91        Boy’s 11 & Under Singles
92        Boy’s 11 & Under Doubles
93        Boy’s 13 & Under Singles
94        Boy’s 13 & Under Doubles
95        Boy’s 15 & Under Singles
96        Boy’s 15 & Under Doubles
97        Boy’s 17 & Under Singles
98        Boy’s 17 & Under Doubles
99        Boy’s 19 & Under Singles
100      Boy’s 19 & Under Doubles 

Girl’s 1-Wall Big Ball Events
101     Girl’s 11 & Under Singles
102     Girls 11 & Under Doubles
103     Girl’s 13 & Under Singles
104     Girl’s 13 & Under Doubles
105     Girl’s 15 & Under Singles
106     Girl’s 15 & Under Doubles
107     Girl’s 17 & Under Singles
108     Girl’s 17 & Under Doubles
109     Girl’s 19 & Under Singles
110     Girl’s 19 & Under Doubles 

The Host Committees can run additional grades which must be approved by the World Handball Council. Host Countries do not necessarily have to run all the above grades but final grade choice must be approved by the World Handball Council.

Welcoming Ceremony 
There should be a ‘Welcoming Ceremony’ organised to celebrate the changing of events from 1-Wall to 4-Wall and the host should make this a memorable occasion by organising a social evening with Cultural Events, Catering, Parade of Nations, welcoming speeches by Hosts and Dignitaries.

Closing Banquet 
Host Committees should organise a formal Closing Banquet to celebrate the success of the World Championships. This should take the form of a formal meal, cultural events and formal speeches by Hosts and World Council Officials. 

A program covering all events and fixtures should be developed and incorporated in the registration pack. This pack should include a tournament memento also.

Medals for 1. 2. and 3. in Gold, Silver and Bronze should be presented for all events at special presentation functions during the Championships. The standard of Medals to be presented should reflect status of the events. Medals for the Men’s and Women’s Open events should be of a higher quality. 

Player Welfare
Snack food and Hydration to be provided for players during the Championships.

First Aid Personnel and Physiotherapy Services to be available for Players

Players can be scheduled for a maximum of 2 games per day. (To facilitate this, Singles should commence first and Doubles delayed for a few days) Schedules may have to be changed during the championships to facilitate this requirement.

Last matches should be completed by 10pm. each evening.

1-Wall and 4-Wall matches should not clash. Ideally 1-Wall Championships should finish before 4-Wall Championships begin.

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