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Wallball News from Around the World

WHC President & Netherlands National Olympic Chair

Holland 2021 at Wallball Youth Championships

Holland Embraces Wallball as a Sport with Olympic Potential

Dr. Raquel Barnes President of the World Handball Council  was invited to speak at the  Speedbooks  Kaatsen European Youth Championship of  2021 in Franeker, Holland this past weekend. The Board of the Royal Handball Association "Koninklijke Nederlandse Kaatsbon"(KNKB) and the Board of the Keatsmuseum in Franeker invited Dr. Barnes to be present at the official opening of the Youth Championship on Thursday October 21. Among the speakers were the Olympic Chair from the National Olympic Committee of Holland.  At the event,  Handball players from 6 European countries battled for the European titles on 22,23,24 October in three games: Llarges, the European game, and Wallball. The KNKB was very pleased to organize the European tournament this year, the Keatsmuseum was able to display a temporary exhibition: with the theme of, "From Paris to Pyeongchang", telling the story about hand ball modalities sports, its  players and medal winners from Friesland at the Olympic Games.

In 1900 and 1908 a hand sport from Franeker was a competitive sport  and was a demonstration sport  at the Olympics five times, such as in the games of 1928 in Amsterdam. Besides that, there is a display of  the 32 olympic medals of Friesian Sportsmen to be admired from the Netherlands.  Wallball is a fast rising handball variant in Holland. The government's province of Fryslan and the KNKB have embraced Wallball and consider this variant as a sport with Olympic potential! The Keatsmuseum joins this thought in her exhibition and organizes in cooperation with the KNKB, prior to the Speedbooks Youth Championship, a clinic  was provided and at the official opening ceremonies, Dr. Barnes gave a message of hope and introspection on how one person can impact the lives of many in the world.  Two top tiered mixed doubles teams from Friesland gave a demonstration match in Wallball, with expert commentary.  Dr. Barnes later met with the CIJB President Alberto Soldado to continue their collaborative efforts in relaunching the World Wall Ball Association (WWBA) an instrument that allows the 25 countries to merge as a true sporting federation in attempts to apply for International Federation Status for the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) the umbrella organization for all (Olympic and non-Olympic) international sports federations, as well as organizers of international sporting events such as the World Games. The race for 40 countries is very real and tangible within the next 5 yeas with everyone working together.   If you want to see the sport go Olympic, the first step is GAISF to improve a global branding for Wallball, write your national regulatory bodies and ask how Wallball can be part of GAISF.  One person can make an impact. 

Press Release from NYC Brooklyn Borough President and Mayor Elect! Go Team NYC!!!

 Eric Adams 

Wallball is a sport with a rich tradition in our city, and cities across the world. Originating in schoolyards in New York and San Francisco, the pastime brings together people of all backgrounds in a competitive, yet supportive, environment. Travel across the city and you’ll see Brooklynites of all ages, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and socioeconomic levels engaged in fierce, physically grueling contests — from Bushwick to Bay Ridge, Cobble Hill to Canarsie. I witnessed the rich diversity of the sport firsthand when I visited Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2014 for Brooklyn Day, and had the privilege of playing wallball at the new courts on Pier 2. Given its rich urban heritage, I believe it is past time that Global Association of International Sporting Federations formally recognize Wallball as a sport worthy of Olympic Status. I thank the World Handball Council for their continued advocacy on behalf of players across the world,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. 

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